Word of Mouth

A series of interactive webinar lectures hosted by the International Academy of Oral Oncology.

2020 Theme: Complications PDF


Monday 10th Feb 2020, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Radiotherapy complications: clinical trials in osteoradionecrosis

Richard Shaw, Liverpool Head & Neck Centre, Liverpool UK

Monday 3th February 2020, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Complications in major H&N resections with free flap reconstructions

Jeremy McMahon, Maxillofacial Unit, Glasgow, UK

Monday 27th Jan 2020, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Complications in robotic head and neck surgery

R .Bryan Bell, Head & Neck Cancer Program, Earle A Chiles Research Institute, Providence Cancer Institute, Portland, USA

Monday 13th Jan 2020, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Free flaps: avoiding compromise and failure

Fayette Williams, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Monday 13th May – 2019

Prof Gaggl ‘The future of reconstruction in Oral Oncology

Monday 4th February 2019, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Nicholas Makhoul, Canada– ‘The fibula in maxillofacial reconstruction -pearls and pitfalls’

Monday 7th January 2019, 1345 GMT, 0845 EST

Ralph Gilbert, Canada– ‘Scapula Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction – How I do it? & Why I do it?’

Monday 26th November 2018, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Christopher Butterworth, UK– ‘The role of Zygomatic Implants in Maxillary & Midfacial Rehabilitation’

Monday 19th November 2018, 1845 GMT, 1345 EST

Rutger Schepers, Netherlands– ‘Evolving methods for pre-planning 3-D facial reconstruction’

November 13th , 2017, 1845 GMT (1945 Germany)

Barbara Wollenberg, Lubeck, Germany– ‘Immunotherapy based approaches to oral cancer- a new era?’

October 9th 2017, 1845 BST

James Brown, Liverpool, UK – ‘Reconstruction of the maxilla and midface’

October 2nd 2017, 1845 BST (1945 Belgium)

Vincent Gregoire, Brussels, Belgium– ‘Radiotherapy for oral cancer: everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask’

September 18th 2017, 1845 BST (1345 NY)

Jatin Shah, MSKCC, New York – ‘Staging of Head and Neck Cancers: Purpose, Process and progress’

May 15th, 2017, 1445 GMT (1345 BST)

Claire Schilling, London – ‘The evidence for SNB in early oral cancer’

May 8th, 2017, 1445 GMT (1345 BST)

Ruiz Fernandez, Florida – ‘Pearls & Pitfalls in reconstruction of the large oral cancer defect’

April 24th 2017, 1445 GMT (1345 BST)

Alexander Kerr, New York – ‘Interventions for Oral Dysplasia: what is the evidence?’

April 10th 2017, 1445 GMT (1345 BST)

Kevin Harrington, London – ‘Role of chemotherapy in the management of HNSCC’

March 6th 2017, 1445 GMT

Pankaj Chaturverdi, Mumbai– ‘Elective neck dissection for OSCC – what does the clinical trials evidence tell us?’